Teams are constructed to score as high as possible in competition. A team's score is based upon a number of
factors including: tumbling, stunting, jumping, dancing and overall technique. Therefore, when
constructing the team, coaches will look at all facets of an athlete’s ability level, NOT just what tumbling
skills the athlete can execute. For returning athletes, Angels’ Coaches will also take into account how they
performed during the 2014 – 2015 season, what skills were gained and lost and their ability to pick-up on
choreography, etc. Angels’ Staff will construct teams using the "Top Down" approach (i.e. identifying those
individuals who will be flyers, then those will be bases and back-spots). The ability to maximize the score
sheet is key to the success of the team.

When groups are formed in September, they are 95% complete. As the coaches practice with the groups
over the next few months, they may see where athletes are struggling in a certain area or where there is a
stronger need on the team for a different mix of skills. Therefore, athletes and parents should EXPECT
movement up or down in order to ensure the construction of the best teams possible. When these moves
occur, please know that they are being done in the best interest of the athlete and the teams involved.

As we continue throughout the competitive season, Angels Cheer will continue to review the
competitiveness of each team. This may result in additional movement of athletes across teams, and / or
may result in changing the level at which a team competes. Please note that these decisions are not made
lightly. Thorough analysis and thought is given to all movements and is done in the best interest of the
athletes and the teams. We ask for your support and understanding should this occur.

Team Practices: Team practices begin the week of Monday 14th September. The exact days and times for
each team’s practice will be posted with the tryout results. Higher-level teams will practice twice per week.
Other teams will practice once. We have found that during practices, athletes can be distracted by parents /
family / friends who are watching from viewing areas. In order to ensure that our athletes are 100%
focused on their practice, parents will not be permitted inside the halls when classes are in session.

Attendance: All athletes are required to be at ALL practices. Due to the team aspect of All Star
cheerleading and the fact that each athlete has a special part and position to play, when one athlete is
absent it impacts the effectiveness of the practice for the entire team. If coaches agree that an athlete has
poor attendance or punctuality, they will first receive a verbal warning from the Head Coach, then two written
warnings which will then lead to dismissal. This athlete will not be permitted to return until the following

Athlete’s Attire & Look
• Practice Wear: All athletes are expected to wear the proper practice wear to EVERY practice. Athletes who
choose to come to practice in something other than their practice wear will be required to condition at the
end of practice.
• Uniforms: We will be having new uniforms for this season. The uniform consists of a top, skirt/shorts and
hair bow. Uniform fittings will occur in November for payment in full by the end of November, as they take
up to 8 weeks to arrive.
• Shoes: ACA requires all athletes to wear cheer shoes to all practices and all competitions.
• Competition Bow & Make-up: All athletes will be required to wear the 2015 – 2016 bow and make-up at