Our coaching philosophy is defined by the following: Cheerleading is a SPORT. Competitive cheerleading is a
SPORT and not an ACTIVITY.

Sport [spawrt, spohrt] - an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive

We train ATHLETES - ACA trains competitive athletes who utilize the elements and skills of traditional
tumbling and cheerleading for competition. Please understand that athletes must have proper physical
conditioning, mental training and motivation for success in any sport.

PERFECTION before progression – ACA will not allow athletes to learn advanced skills before perfecting
their basics. Proper technique is everything! Only PERFECTED skills will be considered in team placements
and choreographed into ACA routines.

"Having" a skill does not mean being able to throw it, it means being able to execute it with a strong level of
mastery over and over, at the beginning, middle or end of a routine, and combined with other choreography
and other athletes performing similar skills around you.

Athlete CONDITIONING – Injuries are always a concern in cheerleading, and the best way to avoid them is
through proper technique, flexibility and physical conditioning.

ACA requests each athlete to be involved in some type of physical conditioning program and stretching
outside of their team practice either at the gym, at home or at school. It is important that parents and
students understand our coaching philosophy as these are the key fundamentals to our program and will be
the basis for how we operate, build our teams, and the expectations that we hold our athletes to.